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cunt wars,Our Medical rubber products made from virgin natural rubber have excellent surface finish, elasticity, flexibility, resilience, high mechanical properties and are odour free. They have the necessary bio-compatibility and are safe for short term contact with intact human skin. Surgical/Medical Rubber Goods category have Catheters, Rectal/Colon Tubes, Invalid Air Rings (Air Cushions), Corrugated Drainage Sheets, Mackintosh Sheeting, Hospital Rubber Sheeting, Atomizer Bulbs, Air Way Tube, Pessary Rubber Ring, Ice Bags, Chloroform Bellows/Sigmoidoscope bellows, Ear/Ulcer Syringes, Tourniquet, Enema Products, and many other products.

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Invalid Air Rings (Air Cushions)
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Enema Syringes (Higginson)
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Atomizer Bulbs
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Catheters - Malecot, Depezer, Jacques pattern
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Chloroform Bellows, Sigmoidoscope bellows
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Corrugated Drainage Sheets
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Douche Bags, Enema Bags
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Douche Tubes
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Ear, Ulcer Syringes

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Vaginal Douche Spray
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Pessary Rubber Ring
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Pipette Bulbs
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Rectal, Colon Tubes
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Rectal, Infant Syringe

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Stomach Tube
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Surgical, Laboratory Tubing
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Mackintosh Sheeting

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Hot Water Bottles
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Hot Water Bottle Covers
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Breast Pump
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